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What is PubMed?

When you are looking for the latest research on a health science topic, Pubmed is the place to start.

PubMed provides free access to MEDLINE®, the NLM® database of selected medical, health care, and pre-clinical science journals.  Use the customized link (  to easily link to resources in the Sirota Library by clicking on the Sirota icon in the upper right corner.  Off campus go to: C.asp? holding=nytoharlib_fft.

You can create a NCBI account (free and no SPAM) to save your searches, keep track of your search history, and customize how PubMed is displayed. 

Note: While Medline and Pubmed are often used as interchangeable terms, they are technically not the same thing.  Medline is the largest component (approximately 90%) of PubMed.  More specifically, Medline is the portion of PubMed that has been indexed with MeSH. You can search Medline on other platforms, but generally, we recommend using the PubMed interface.

Peer Review - PubMed and Medline

Good news!  Most of the journals in Medline/PubMed are peer reviewed.  Generally speaking, if you find a journal citation in Medline/PubMed you should be just fine. However, as you can see in the PubMed FAQ, there is no way to limit your results within the PubMed or the Medline on EBSCO interface to knock out the few publications that are not considered referred titles.  EBSCO does provide a list of all titles within Medline and lets you see which titles are considered peer reviewed. You can check if your journal is OK - see the "peer Review" tab in the report below to see the very small list of titles that don't make the cut.


The original version of this guide was created by Rebecca Hines, M.L.I.S., Education Librarian & Assistant Professor at Des Moines University Library.  She generously gave me permission to use hers as a template for this guide.

Acces PubMed Anywhere

PubMed Mobile provides a simplified mobile friendly web interface to access PubMed.  While PubMed mobile is convenient, for comprehensive searches we recommend you use the web interface because the mobile option is restricted to only articles which are freely available online.

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