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PubMed: Export to Zotero

Zotero Shortcuts

1.  While viewing an abstract in PubMed, press Ctrl+Shift+S to open a pop up window to export the citation and abstract directly to Zotero.  The desktop app needs to be open for this to work.

2. Right click on theicon.  The following menu will open:


Add citations using the PMID

If you already have a list of PubMed references and need a shortcut to get them into your Zotero Library, you can quickly add them with the ISBN, DOi, or PMID (PubMed identifier). Every record in PubMed has a PMID, which is kind of like a social security number in the sense that it is unique. Click on the magic wand symbol in Zotero and enter the PMID number from PubMed. Zotero will retrieve the citation from Pubmed automatically.

Add PMID to Zotero

Import PubMed Citations with Zotero for Firefox, a Firefox extension

Use Zotero with PubMed through the Zotero/Firefox integration option.  Zotero embeds itself as an add on to Firefox.  Once installed, you will see a Zotero icon in the status bar in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser window. Clicking on this button will open the Zotero pane.

You will see a yellow folder icon in the status bar of your browser when you search PubMed using the Firefox.  Clicking on the yellow folder will open a pop up window.  Zotero will recognize the citations from your PubMed search.  Select the citations you wish to download in the Zotero pop up window and then click OK.  Your citations will be added to your Zotero Library.  Note: the citations will be automatically downloaded into whatever folder you have pre selected.

export to zotero

Zotero LibGuide

Want to learn more about Zotero?  See our Zotero LibGuide!

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