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ClinicalKey: Fair Use and Copyright

Copyright and Fair Use

If you read the official Elsevier copyright and trademarks statement on the company webpage, the language seems to indicate that you need to to keep the ClinicalKey logos intact if you use the presentation maker features. However, the library has confirmed with the publisher that while you need to cite the source of your content, you do not need to preserve the trademarked logos indicating which publishing platform for the journal article, image, or ebook. Copyright protections and citation conventions dictate that you cite the source - not the platform for the source.

Fair Use Guidelines from Elsevier

  • 3.5 Sharing ClinicalKey Content With Patients
  • 3.6 Printing, Downloading, and Emailing Content From ClinicalKey
  • 3.6 Citations (note: CK mandates AMA as the style guide of choice.  Use whatever style guide required for your class or publisher).
  • 4.3 Citations
  • 4.4 Permissions "Authorized users of ClinicalKey have permission to use content from the site in presentations for
    noncommercial use. You must keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices".  You do not need to include logos or other trademarked images into your course materials or presentations.

How to Cite: Recommendation by Elsevier/ClinicalKey

According to the ClinicalKey User Guide, Section 3.6 Citations:

"You need to cite all articles and books from ClinicalKey according to the American Medical Association Manual of Style, 10th Edition (

  • In citations for drug monographs, images, and patient education materials, include the copyright holder, the title of the material, a reference to ClinicalKey with the appropriate website address, and the date you viewed the material.
  • In citations for material original to First Consult, include the title of the material, the type of article, a reference to ClinicalKey with the appropriate website address, and the date you posted and viewed the material."

How To Cite: Recommendation by the library

The ClinicalKey corporate recommendation does not necessarily follow the citation style guidelines that you may need for your class assignments or for the publication of a manuscript. Since ClinicalKey contains different types of content you will need to note what type of material you are citing in order to follow the style rules for that type of resource.

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