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CINAHL Plus with Full Text: Refining Results

Using Limits to Refine Results

Refining Results with Limits (Optional)

The Limit feature allows you to refine your results in a variety of ways. Limits may be applied using the "Advanced Search" option before or after a search has been run. Always be cautious when applying limits, as you may inadvertently block out relevant results.  

A variety of limit options are available. The most used limits are:

  • Published Date
  • Language
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Research Article
  • Journal Subset (can limit to Nursing publications only)



Search Tips that Refine Results

Tips for Refining your Search
  • When a phrase is enclosed by double quotations marks, the exact phrase is searched, e.g. “quality of life”

  • Use an asterisk * or question mark ? to retrieve variations on a word, e.g. transplant* will retrieve records that include "transplanting" and "transplantation." You may use a question mark to replace one character, e.g. wom?n will retrieve both "women" and "woman."

  • Click the “Search History” link below the search boxes and click on the “Clear” button near the Search button.  Select the search sets to combine by clicking the boxes in the left column.

  • Choose the desired Boolean operator (AND, OR, etc.) button either “Search with AND” or “Search with OR”. Scroll down the page to view your results.

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