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UpToDate: Useful Features

Clinical Calculators

UpToDate includes more than 140 interactive medical calculators that allow you to enter the values in commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data.These calculators are also available within the mobile app version.

How to find the Calculators

Option 1: on the main tool bar menu

Option 2: Select calculators in the Table of Contents of your topic

Option 3: Search the term calculators within your topic. 

For more information see Additional Features of UptoDate: Calculator Topics


Text below copied from: Additional Features of UptoDate: ECG test and tutorials

"UpToDate® includes electrocardiograms that can be accessed from some topics that discuss specific diseases or arrhythmia. You can test your knowledge by running a self-test, as follows:

  1. Type ECG test in the search box.
  2. Click Go to display a list of matching search results.
  3. Choose one of the ECG test topics (for example, "Intermediate ECG test") by clicking on the title.
  4. After reading the first case history, click the show ECG question 1 link to open a window that displays the Intermediate case 1 ECG strip, along with a normal ECG strip.
  5. Try to make an accurate diagnosis based on the Intermediate ECG case 1 strip, then close the window that displays the ECG strips.
  6. To see if your diagnosis is correct, click the show ECG answer 1 link.
  7. Close the answer window, then continue with the next test question."

Drug Interactions

In partnership with Lexicomp®, UpToDate includes more than 5,600 in-depth drug monographs. Each monograph includes doses for adult, pediatric and geriatric patients. In addition to the monographs, you can also search for drug interactions through the web version of the database.

Select Drug interactions from the top menu.

Look up the drug names your are interested in and then Analyze the potential interactions

drug interactions

UptoDate Podcasts

"UpToDate faculty discuss important “What’s New” and “Practice Changing UpDates”, based on recent medical journal articles, in our Clinical Podcasts.  To be alerted as each new episode airs, simply subscribe to our podcast channel on iTunes". 

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