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Board Vitals

What Is BoardVitals?

BoardVitals is an exam preparation database that provides review questions for the USMLE, COMLEX and NBME subject exams.   BoardVitals consists of question banks, plus up-to-date explanations with the answers and detailed feedback.  It is possible to create customized practice tests, view statistics, and get suggested questions based on your performance.

The National Board of Medical Examiners provides subject exams in the basic and clinical sciences and includes a Guide to the Subject Examination Program.  BoardVitals Include thousands of multiple choice questions (MCQ), vignettes, and long form questions."

Using the timed feature will allow you to practice how to pace yourself for an exam of this format. See the Subject Examination Timing Chart to determine the number of questions and exam length for each module.

Creating A BoardVitals Account

To get started with BoardVitals, you'll need to Register for a BoardVitals Account using your Touro email address. You will not be able to access Touro's BoardVitals subscription using any other email address. 

Fill out the form using your Touro email address.

Click the sign up button at the bottom of the form and check your Touro email address for the BoardVitals validation email and click on the validation link to confirm your BoardVitals account.

You will now have access to Touro's BoardVitals subscription! 

Mobile Friendly

The company does not have a separate mobile app.  However, you can access the test databanks from your phone or tablet anywhere you have an internet connection. 

The original version of this guide was created by Rebecca Hines, M.L.I.S., Education Librarian & Assistant Professor at Des Moines University Library.  She generously gave me permission to use hers as a template for this guide.

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