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VisualDx: Tutorials & Tips

Using VisualDx

To get started, type a symptom, medication, country, or diagnosis in the search box.

You can also click "select a problem area" to choose from particular pre-coordinated scenarios to build a differential without typing.

VisualDX has a YouTube channel with many tutorials.  A few of these are embedded in this guide. There are additional Video Tutorials on the VisualDx website.

Search Tips

  • Search for clinical information by diagnosis, image, or medication.
  • Boolean Operators or other advanced search strategies aren't necessary.
  • VisualDx automatically searches across all specialties.
  • It is not possible to search by Author name, Journal Title, or date.  

VisualDx provides the ICD-10 Codes (International Classification of Diseases-Medical Diagnosis Codes) in all Topic Articles.  Use the menu navigation to locate the "Codes" section. 

VisualDx And PubMed

Click on the PubMed link under "Other Resources" on the left side.  

This will open PubMed to a list of articles about your search topic.

VisualDx And UpToDate

VisualDx images are integrated with UpToDate.  Click on the UpToDate link under "Other Resources" on the left side.  

When searching in UpToDate, all VisualDx results are highlighted with an orange "VDx" icon. 

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