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Literature Reviews: Choose A Citation Manager

Citation Tools

In the process of conducting your review, you will build a large collection of original research articles that you will need to keep organized and eventually cite in your completed project.

Citation management software enables you to create your own personal database of references, allowing you to keep track of your research and then easily incorporate these citations into your writing.  These programs allow you to save, sort, and take notes on your sources. Generated citations are only as good as the input information, so always check your citations against a style manual. 

The Sirota Library subscribes to RefWorks.  Zotero, Mendeley and Endnote Basic are other free options.

Creating a list of all abstracts in a spreadsheet is another option.  As abstracts are read, reviewers add notes into cells on the spreadsheet indicating whether the items represented by each abstract should be included or excluded. 

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