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What is Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly communication is an umbrella term that describes the many ways in which scholars and researchers share their work:

  • Publishing in print and electronic journals
  • Archiving their work in digital repositories or on subject-specific websites
  • Using email listserv mailing lists and online communities
  • Creating new venues for dissemination, especially online

Currently, the field of scholarly communication is undergoing major changes, as open access and copyleft philosophies have begun to impact scholars' attitudes about sharing their work in a major way.

Let your Librarian work for you!

Librarians' roles are always changing as new technologies and methods evolve. With the new realm of scholarly communications and the growing open access movement, librarians must be able to assist faculty and researchers with promoting their digital online identity and boosting their scholarly profile.  Research and scholarship is growing in the fast paced digital world and the role of the academic librarian has had to evolve with it. Librarians can provide an understanding of publishing policies, copyright, intellectual property, author rights, metadata, impact factors, various metrics, and other related issues pertaining to online digital scholarship. 

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