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Poster Printing

Poster sessions at conferences and professional meetings are a way to visually convey the details of your research or conclusions. This guide will offer you the basics in design, content and printing resources.

Websites With Free Images

Copyright law plays a big part in how you can use and re-use materials in  your scholarly work.  Before re-using an image, check whether it is free for reuse.

For more detailed information about copyright laws and fair use guidelines, please refer to our CopyRight! guide.

A row of filters will appear with your search results.  Click on License to determine which images are free to reuse.

Click on Tools, then on Usage Rights and select "labeled for reuse". 

Click on Any License and choose images "free to share and use".

QR Codes

Consider adding a qr code to your poster that links to your research paper or a copy of your poster.

The following websites provide free qr code creation:

Suggested reading

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